7 Last-Minute Christmas Gift Ideas For Dad


Okay, it’s Christmas Eve and it’s time to get that last-minute gift for dad. But what does he even like? Does he even like stuff? Why is it so hard to shop for him?! Here are 6 last-minute Christmas gift ideas for Dad!

1. Okay, you can do this. A tie I guess?

Yeah, a tie will be perfect! Dads love ties. Stores sell ties. Go buy him a tie! Oh shit, but what will I get him for Father’s Day? Or his birthday, for that matter?! I’m absolutely sure he likes ties, but I don’t know if I can get him the same one 3 times. Ah, I might also get the same one again. Scratch ties off the list.

2. Um. A razor?

They’re right here in the “for him” section. It makes sense. But this one looks kind of crappy. And doesn’t his razor still work? What is this even doing other than reinforcing the fact that he’s a man who needs to shave? It’s really less of a gift and more of admittance that I gave up. Okay, this isn’t working. Next.

3. Like a sandwich or something?

Okay, clearly I’m reaching here. Obviously he’d enjoy a sandwich, but probably not as a Christmas gift. There’s gotta be something he enjoys getting.

4. New pajamas?

Dad loves being comfortable! So he’d probably love some new warm pajamas! Oh no! This sounds like something Mom would get him. Mom’s probably getting this for him. Goddamnit. I’m sure there’s something that will work.


5. Power tools?

No, I’m just generalizing dads at this point.

6. This top half of a barrel I think?


I mean, who’s supposed to buy this? This could be a dad gift. I don’t even know what he likes to do.

7. I’ve got it! It’s so obvious! The 30th Anniversary Box Set of Back to the Future!


I’m so stupid! My dad loves Back to the Future! I love Back to the Future! We used to watch it together! This is a gift that’s both meaningful and awesome! I can’t believe I didn’t think of this earlier. The perfect gift for Dad is a new Back to the Future box set! Of course, this only applies to this year. It’d be great if they could release a new edition every single year until the machines take over in 2029.


Minhdzuy Khorami is an employee of Pixar-Animation Studios, where everyone else got their dad a screener of The Good Dinosaur. Keep up with him on his YouTube channel here. You can even subscribe to this blog for more helpful information!  It might bring a little chuckle to your day! =) 

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